creative developer & interaction designer

235_14141577868_7135_n1Hi there!

I’m am interaction, art, design, music, video, games, mobile, web and technology passionate. I have been working several years writing software for performances, installations, theatre… I always try to enjoy what I do, and do what I enjoy :)

I am focused now on iPad and iPhone platforms, and I am also trying to improve my Android skills. I like also exploring and learning every cool new technology available: Node.js, Canvas for HTML5, Kinect 3D camera, etc. If you have a somehow experimental project, or you are a startup with a great idea, maybe I can help you make it true.

I’m currently living in Barcelona, being part of Remarkable Development and sharing a space at MOB. So I’m surrounded by many other professionals from several fields. If you want to say hi, come by! Or you can contact me by filling the contact form, I’m also available on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Have fun!!